Have you recently noticed that your car is difficult to start? Perhaps it needs maintenance, or a component has to be replaced or fixed. Don't wait to call Standout Automotive if such is the case.

When you are driving, the noise your timing belt makes makes it nearly impossible to determine whether it is malfunctioning, unlike issues with a car's clutch or brakes.


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There is no indication that your timing belt is worn out, unlike your brakes or suspension. Simply said, your automobile will perform flawlessly one second and malfunction the next.

Given this, it is essential to follow the maintenance instructions in your manufacturer's logbook and to regularly change your timing belt. Both your warranty and your wallet will be safeguarded if you do this. This may entail replacing the timing belt every four years or every 60 000 kilometres for some vehicles. Every 100,000 miles or five years, for other cars.

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