The proactive approach to automotive maintenance known as "log book servicing" keeps your car operating smoothly and effectively by doing routine inspections and minor repairs. This stops minor difficulties from developing into severe ones that would otherwise be very expensive to correct.

A manufacturer's log book, which specifies the timing and schedule for your regular log book services, should be provided with every passenger automobile (and the majority of commercial vehicles). Keep your log book in your glove box for reference and to record any facts, but if you lose it, Standout Automotive may still access the necessary information by searching our database.


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🔧 Check the Condition of the Air Filter

🔧 Check Transmission Fluid

🔧 Change Oil

🔧 Check Coolant

🔧 Check Car Battery

🔧 Check Brake Fluid

🔧 Check Brake Lights

🔧 Check Power Steering Fluid

🔧 Check Turn Signals

🔧 Check Spark Plugs

🔧 Check Heating System

🔧 Coolant Sensor

🔧 Hose Check

🔧 Brake Check

🔧 Tyre Rotation

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